February 9, 2023

Top excuses for being late to work revealed: Survey Results

Everyone has been late to work at least once in their life, but what are the top excuses for this common phenomenon? 

A recent survey by WorkYard has uncovered the top reasons for tardiness, and some of them may surprise you. From traffic snarls to playing hide and seek, discover the most common and absurd reasons for being late to work.

An expert comment from the Spokesperson at WorkYard, Nic De Bonis, adds valuable insights into the issue and highlights the current business landscape regarding punctuality in the workplace.

The survey uncovered some fascinating insights which are outlined below: 

  • Traffic and transportation issues topped the list making up 25% of responses.
  • Oversleeping, including being too tired and procrastination made up 15%.
  • Health issues, such as feeling sick or having a dentist appointment and  child-related issues like dropping off a child at school or dealing with a sick pet, contributed to the 12% of responses each.
  • Lost items, including misplacing car keys or wallets made up 6% , while home-related issues, such as a pet running away or water pipes bursting, made up 5% of responses.
  • Family emergencies, such as a death in the family made up 7%, while personal problems with 18% tied for second place.  

Spokesperson at WorkYard, Nic De Bonis has commented on the matter: “As the survey results show, the top excuses of being late to work are mainly the ones that people don’t have control over. As an employer, you probably can’t tell anything when your employee is late to work because of a family issue or traffic. 

Anyways, the current economic uncertainty and fear of recession has led employers to place increased importance on employee punctuality. To maintain efficiency and competitiveness, many employers are implementing modern time tracking  tools to monitor employees' hours and spot any lateness issues.

Our survey also uncovered some pretty weird excuses, out of which these three take the prize for being the most absurd ones.

  • My pet goldfish was feeling unwell, and I had to take it to the vet.
  • I was stuck in a time warp.
  • I was busy playing a game of hide and seek with my neighbour.